Cash Back – The Bonus We Lost

Today in the field of gambling, players are offered various loyalty programs and online gambling malaysia bonuses. Most of them are very popular among clients, which forces gambling establishments that want to develop dynamically to offer them to their clients. Needless to say, the majority of modern players, choosing gambling establishments, carefully study the loyalty program.

Casinos That Pay

Before the elimination of offline gambling on the territory of Russia and Ukraine (its official ban), clients enjoyed using such a loyalty program as the return of a part of the lost amount. The cashback size varied from casino to casino – from 5 to 25%. Note that this practice was very common on the territory of the two countries, and since gambling establishments needed a constant influx of customers, it was necessary to attract them by all means.

Note that over time, casinos have abandoned cashback, providing it not to every player, but to especially valuable customers. The bonus has migrated to online casinos and, however, here it did not last long. According to experts, the main reason for rejecting such a bonus is its disadvantage for the casino.

A Few Words About The Reasons

The thing is that gambling establishments, introducing loyalty programs and bonus programs, pursue their own goals, and they differ from the representation of the players. So, if the bonus program is built correctly, then with low costs, customers have a desire to play. The vast majority of bonuses are designed in such a way that a player needs to place bets to wager money in order to withdraw them to his account. The calculation is made on the fact that while the bonus is wagered, the player will lose most of the deposit.

Remember, most of the bonuses offered today are not profitable for players, since they have to risk more money than they can get.

What to do with cashback? The practice of refunding money that the player lost was abandoned due to the unprofitableness of such a step. The player, without making any effort and without even making money to his deposit, gets his money back in full. Of course, in the process of wagering a bonus, a player can easily lose it, but this does not happen in 100% of cases and gambling establishments do not want to take additional risks.

Thus, a gambling establishment runs the risk of being defeated by returning money within the framework of a cashback, but there is not even a theoretical gain here. Of course, it is possible to make attempts to force the player to make a new deposit in order to receive cashback, but they will not be successful in 100% of cases.

A Little About Cashback

Within the framework of cashback, the player is provided with a certain part of the finances that were lost during the allotted time period. As a rule, this is 10-15% of the total loss for a gaming session or some period of time. Some casinos introduced an upper limit – they say, we return 15%, but not more than a certain amount.

Cashback casinos carried out either on an ongoing basis, or they made special offers timed to holidays or significant events. The return percentage fluctuates depending on the amount lost. Note that the conditions for wagering such a bonus in the form in which it is offered today can be much stricter than in the same deposit bonuses.

It is worth noting that the gambling establishment benefits from this kind of trusted online casino malaysia bonuses. These are investments in the image and good name of the casino – such steps are highly appreciated by customers. The visitor who won is satisfied, and the loser, having received part of the money back, actually gets a chance to win back.

The Situation Today

Today, cashback is offered mainly to VIP players and regular customers, the wagering requirements are minimal. Despite the rejection of such a lucrative offer, it can still be found in gambling establishments.

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